“Health Starts Here” – Whole Foods

Last night was very informative and fun.


The Specialist at Whole Foods gave a tour and discussed tricks to knowing what you get when you buy a product. He explained that there are 4 pillars of healthy eating…Whole food, plant strong, healthy fats, and nutrient dense. Whole food is food at its purest state. No preservatives, colorings, additives, sweeteners, and colors allowed. Plant strong means that you should have an abundance of raw and cooked vegetables, fruits, legumes, beans, seeds, nuts, and whole grains on your plate. Healthy fats are fats from whole plant sources like nuts, seeds, and avocados. And finally, nutrient dense are foods rich in micronutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytochemicals.


Although Whole Foods Market sells a lot of healthy products, they aren’t all healthy as one might think. Throughout the store tour, he showed us labels to look for that say “Health Starts Here” so you know you are making a healthy choice.

I snapped a picture of Todd purchasing some produce.


These apples are picture worthy. So shiny!


We left with a lot of good information and had a taste of some Raw Fudge that the instructor made prior to the tour. It was made with walnuts, cocoa, and dates. Pretty tasty.

I just love Whole Foods Market. I wish they were a tad closer though.

Tonight I made a wholesome meal for Todd and I. Lemon chicken with red quinoa and sautéed snap peas and mushrooms. Healthy and delicious! HOMERUN!


Time to go get some rest. I’m totally beat. Tyler’s asleep so now’s my chance. See you soon!!

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