Move Your Body

Hi, how’s your Friday going? Fabulous I hope!

I found this little gem growing on our Persian Lime tree.

I’d love to have a bunch of fruit trees growing in my back yard. Not only would it provide fun and food for my family but it would create a luscious landscape. I am also trying to grow an avocado tree. It’s growing slowly but hopefully in due time it will give me fruit.                                           

 Do you grow any of your own vegetables or fruits at home?

I finished my 3 day detox. I lost 3 lbs and I’m happy about it. It’s definitely hard just eating spinach, raspberries, yogurt, eggs, and almonds. My taste buds really got tired of the tart raspberries and the spinach. I can tell a difference in my stomach. It’s not bloated anymore. So this brings me to the decision of how I want to get in cardio to help with my weight loss. I started off walking Tyler in his stroller after he was born but the Summer/Fall Florida weather doesn’t always allow for a dry walk. It rains almost everyday. Not to mention it being hot and very humid.  I don’t have any time to go to a gym yet. Being a full-time stay at home Mom doesn’t really allow for that. So I’ve tried to research different workout dvds for the home.  

I have a few workout dvds already. I tried the Tracy Anderson Method Post Pregnancy Workout but the workouts were extremely hard. I really don’t think it was made for anyone who wasn’t ripped before pregnancy. You had to have abs of steel to keep up and finish her workout. I wasn’t impressed with the classical music choice either. The music was slow so I got bored with it.

I have the P90x dvds. I used to workout to them in 2010. Hoping it would motivate me, I put on my tennis shoes and popped in the dvds.  Unfortunately, I just wasn’t in the mood for Tony Horton and his jumping. Again…the music bored me.

I also have some Pilates dvds but I don’t feel like doing any floor exercises.

I want an upbeat, move your body, shake your butt workout!!

One of my favorite bloggers has posted about Chalene Johnson’s Turbofire dvds. She even posted a home video on her blog of her working out to one of the dvds. It looks really fun. The dvds include high intensity interval training meaning, you work hard for 1 minute and then rest, work hard, and rest… But, I’m not ready to spend $150 for the set. I found the Greatest HIITS DVD Remix on Amazon for $22.39. I’m hoping that if I try the Remix dvd that it will give me a better idea if it’s worth the big investment to get the complete set.

 Do you have an exercise routine? If so, what is it and how often do you exercise?


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