Cinch Day 2 + Freebie Stuff

Day 2 of the Cinch fast forward is almost over. I really can’t wait till I can plan my own meal again.
I’ve had my egg scramble breakfast with a side of raspberries


and I just had my lunch parfait which is just yogurt, raspberries and almonds.

I still have a spinach salad


and a raspberry smoothie to eat today.

I’m halfway done with the detox. I chose to only do it for 3 days instead of the 5 this time to help get me back on track.

I had to get some coffee in though since we still aren’t sleeping through the night. 🙂 Look at him eyeing it. Ha!


One of my plans for this blog is to help you find deals and bargains. I told you about my couponing before on my Just Dance blog and now I’ll share a hint to get free stuff.

Walmart has samples periodically that you can request on their website. I’ll post them when I come across them on my  Deals page.
Here is an example…
A few weeks ago I requested Suave samples. This is what came in the mail yesterday from Walmart. Pretty cool for being free!


Right now Walmart is offering a free Playtex sample. (while supplies last) Just click on the word the underlined words to go the sites. 

(I figured out the links finally) 🙂

Other companies offer free samples. Here are a few that I’ve found…

Hugo boss

Rachael Ray dog food

Prilosec otc

Scrubbing Bubbles GiftPack

Spark Energy

Christie Brinkley Skincare

Here are some restaurant coupons for free stuff…

Carvel Ice Cream


Waffle House

Coldstone Creamery

Einstein Bros Bagels

I’ll be on the lookout for more freebies. Time for me to go eat my spinach salad before Tyler gets up from his nap.


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