What are your favorite diets?

Day 1 of the Cinch Fast Forward started for me today.

Breakfast was a spinach egg scramble with a side of raspberries and sliced almonds.
Lunch was a yogurt parfait which included raspberries, yogurt, and almonds.
I’m hungry and already can’t wait for this detox part to be over.
The fast forward/detox is supposed to rid your body of water weight and bloat while making you appreciate natural flavors.
I have 2 more meals to eat today…
A spinach salad and a raspberry smoothie.

This morning, Tyler had a pediatrician appointment for 2 more immunizations.



The office was full of sick children. I’m still not over this dang head cold. Today I feel worse again. Sneezing every 10 minutes is not fun.

Tyler didn’t seem too distraught about the shots. He cried for about 30 seconds and then started showing off his dimples.

We came home to our cable being out. Apparently many cities were out too. Not sure if it had something to do with this.


The cable just came on but my Internet is still down.

I’ll be sneezing and counting down the minutes till my next meal while waiting for Internet usage. See you later!

Please leave me a comment suggesting what diet you’ve had success with. I’m open to many suggestions and ideas. 🙂


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