Monster Pizzas

Why am I still awake? Ahhh… Is it because I just woke my heart up dancing to the Wii game Just Dance? Why yes…yes it is. Adrenaline, heart, blood…all flowing like 186 miles an hour. Now I know why they say not to exercise before bed. Hhhmmmpppphhh so I’m the only one awake here.

My plans for going out were misconbobulated due to Todds truck battery dying. No bueno. 😦 We were both not in the mood by the time he got home so we went to the store for dinner options.

We decided on a pizza cook off.

I chose a vegetarian menu while he chose the latter. My mom would be the judge.

I scraped up these ingredients…


Rolled out my dough…


While he prepped his ingredients…Frying bacon and chicken.



with a white Alfredo sauce.


I went to work on my pizza toppings.


My secret ingredient…goat cheese.
My pizza before going into the oven…


And Todd’s…



While we wait, nice cold beer calls our names.



I admit, I’m worried. His looks pretty darn good.


My vegetarian beast of a pizza came out looking like this…


I’m glad I’m not judging. These pizza monsters are mmm mmm good.

I may have had more than the slices shown. 🙂
I was voted off the island tonight…Todd’s white sauce demon won.

But I’m a winner because I have leftovers. Muwahahaha!!!!!


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