Fried Up Friday

Ohhhhh my computer is fried! I can’t figure out how to use Twitter. (I used to be computer savvy but Twitter baffles me.)
I don’t think I’ll ever catch up on my sleep so that means my brain is fried too. Oh and I’m totally off my diet!
I was bad… Very very bad. I got this…


(whispering now) and a donut. Ssshhh!
A caramel apple donut from DD.
Wow Yum! If it weren’t 87 degrees out I’d say it felt like Fall but it’s HOT!


But very pretty.


Todd wants to go out tonight so I’m trying to decide on where to go. I’m craving pumpkin beer. My first choice might be to go to Brass Tap.


But we will see… For now, I get to tell Todd that he needs to mow the yard. Yuck! The dogs won’t even go out in it. I don’t blame them. It rains every day which makes the grass grow like we feed it Miracle Grow.


(It’s worse than it looks.)

The coffee and donut has given me a caffeine/sugar rush so I better go feed Tyler before I bounce off the walls.

See you later!


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