Fig-tabulous !

Where did the day go? Tyler has kept me on my tippy toes today.

I woke up and had overnight oats topped with fresh figs for breakfast.


Then we had a little visit from my Dad…aka Tyler’s Grandpa 🙂 … for lunch. He came over bearing movies and homemade chicken soup.

I’m a chicken soup snob. I was spoiled growing up eating my Abuela’s homemade chicken soup. I just won’t eat any other soup. Forget canned soup…blech! I even tried replicating her recipe years ago but failed miserably. She just had that touch and put in so much love when she made it. I miss her so much.

The soup my Dad brought was very delicious though. A lot of chicken, not too many noodles, just enough vegetables, and a taste of ginger. I’m feeling better already. Thanks Dad!

After our visit and Tyler’s nap, I started getting hungry again so I made a jalapeño and hummus sandwich.

With a side of veggies

And yep… More figs.


I’ve got to go catch some beauty sleep before my little monkey wakes up for a late night feeding. Have a great night!



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  1. Lourdes
    Sep 01, 2011 @ 22:00:29

    Nothing like homade chicken soup when u r sick!!! Did u know they’ve done research and it’s finally proven that homemade chicken noodle soup, helps u recover? Feel better!


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