Week goals?

Today I woke up knowing why my hormones have been off the charts lately. My Aunt with the last name of Flow is in town and she made me crave everything under the sun these past few days. At least I have an excuse now. I’ve been craving chocolate like crazy too. Thank goodness I had my favorite on hand. The Cinch plan allows for a square a day of 70% or more of dark chocolate. I’ve tried Godiva and Lindt and found that I love love love Green and Black’s organic bar.


What’s your favorite chocolate bar?

We just got back from the pediatrician’s office and we got the go ahead to start Tyler on baby foods. Yippy!! Time for bibs, baby spoons, tons of picture taking and lots of clothes washing!!! He hasn’t been sleeping through the night yet. He thinks its feeding time at night and playtime during the day so I have to figure out a way to change that. He weighs a whopping 17 lbs and 11 oz. We decided to start him on avocados this week so I’ll have to make a trip to the grocery store today. I was at Whole Foods Market yesterday…too bad I didn’t grab any while I was there. It gives me a good reason to go back though. I love that store. I’m addicted to the way it smells. That may seem strange but I’m strange. šŸ˜‰ Yesterday while I was there, I picked up some MaraNatha almond butter and some TerrAmazon cacao powder to go into my smoothies. I’ve already started my list for when I get a chance to go back. It’s a bit of a drive with traffic so I don’t get to go very often.



I started the day with some overnight oats. I combined almond milk, oats, greek yogurt, cinnamon, cacao powder, a banana, and chia seeds in a bowl last night and put it in the fridge for my breakfast. I didn’t care for the texture or the taste so I only could down half of it. After we got back from the pediatrician’s, I had a bowl of the quinoa salad I made a few days ago and topped it off with some chia seeds. I always forget to add the seeds to my meals so my goal this week is to remember. Do you have any recipes to used chia seeds in?

One more weekly goal is to get some exercise in. I have tried Tracy Anderson’s post-partum dvd workout but frankly…She annoys me. Shes so thin and really limber. I’d rather look at someone actually trying to lose weight and tone up… Not a Barbie look alike. (Maybe it’s Aunt Flow talking.) The exercise moves aren’t too easy either. Not really for someone who has extra poundage from eating too much during pregnancy. Any suggestions?

I hear little man stirring so it’s time for me to make his bottle. Have a great afternoon!


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  1. Lourdes Cervantes tootiredmoms.com
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 02:35:04

    I like Green & Black’s orange dark chocolate bar. But, my all time favorite chocolate bar is Ritter’s whole hazelnut dark chocolate bar. A couple of weeks ago there was a FB coupon through them for $1.00 off two! Oh, & you’re not strange…or maybe we both are??? I love the smell of my local health food store…one of my fav smells in the world!


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