Word of the Day

I started the weekend off okay but it was kind of tense so I had a few cocktails which  are not on my diet. Saturday I had 3 mini cupcakes (with sprinkles of course). 😉

I had to make deviled eggs for the Sunday bbq which was a mess because our water at home had to be turned off because of a leak. NOT FUN! Anyways, I was able to boil the eggs before it was turned off luckily. Now let me ask you…does anyone like making deviled eggs? I think that’s why my family suggested I be the one to make them. Because no one else wanted the joy of peeling, cutting the oblonged not so equal slimy eggs, scooping out the messy yolks, then refilling them with what turned out to be a globby mess. While making the eggs, the word I would have described them with is GLOBBINESS. It was a globbiness mess! Heck I dont even know nor care if it’s a real word. Would you say a globby blob, a blobby glob, or how about  glorified globbiness globs! Even though they looked like hot messes, they were sure tasty and devoured quickly.

During the bbq, I had a few deviled eggs, chips and dip, grilled pineapple chicken, green beans, and squash. I passed on the macaroni and cheese, the rolls, and the potato salad. There were so many desserts. I was served 3! Carrot cake, regular vanilla cake, and apple pie. I took two bites of each and passed them on to the non dieters in my family. All in all… a good day.

I was supposed to start my week off dieting hardcore again but I decided to go visit my Dad at the beach Monday-Tuesday. Thus…more cocktails. He made a delish salmon dinner and I was good for the other meals. Ive had more salt and sugar then I should so now its crunch time again. Im at 152 lbs and would like to see the 140’s soon.  My cousin is in town this week. I went to see her today and splurged on a piece of pizza. Hopefully I can make up my meals for the rest of the week and start eating on track again. I definitely don’t want to look in the mirror and think of the word GLOBBINESS. 😉


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