Crunch Time

4 weeks ago I started the Cinch diet. I went through the 5 day fast forward part where you only eat raspberries, yogurt, almonds, eggs, and spinach. Man that was rough…especially because I had to sit and watch and smell the foods my other half was eating. I read the book during the fast forward portion of the diet and it explains how you should eat produce, a grain, a lean protein, and a plant based fat in one meal. You also need to eat 4 times a day and nothing in between. I never realized how much I snacked until I wasn’t allowed.

I always weighed around 130-135lbs but when I was going through the cancer treatments I got down to 120. Im 5’7″ so that was pretty thin. Clothes fit extremely well though but my family said I looked sickly and too thin. Well that all changed once I got pregnant. I had the appetite like you wouldn’t believe. Cravings weren’t an issue…I just wanted FOOD! Even morning sickness didn’t stop me. I would get sick and walk out of the bathroom saying how hungry I was.

When I delivered my munchkin I weighed 200lbs. I was huge! My feet were so swollen during the last month of my pregnancy. When I walked out of the hospital I weighed about 170lbs and I started the Cinch diet at 163lbs.

The Cinch plan has worked well for me, I even got to 154 but now it’s fluctuating. It’s hard to continue on a diet while raising a baby and being on a budget. Stress is another added problem of dieting. Comforting a stressful situation with food is easy to do and that’s where I’m having an issue.

This weekend I had a few drinks and some pizza (not on the diet!) and my weight is back up to 157lbs. So this week it’s crunch time and getting back on track.

I made a Greek Quinoa salad for lunch today and I’ll be having a turkey burger with vegetables for dinner tonight.



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